What is this website? What is the Photography Club?

This website promotes Carmel College's Photography Club, run by Mrs Hing and the Year 13 Photography Leaders. We run competitions as well as advertise ones which are held in the outside community.

In 2017’s Photography Club, students from Year 7-13 who foster interest in photography were able to use any image-recording device to capture their photos for the many competitions held over this year.

What the Leaders have done this year

As Photography Club Leaders, we have attended year level assemblies and have held competitions within the Year 7 and 8 Art Festival and we have also advertised other photography competitions outside of school and taken photos for school events. At the assemblies, we have shown students of various ages the potential of taking photography as a subject as well as the prizes you could win if you were to enter in one of the competitions we advertised. In the Art Festival for the Year 7 and 8’s the Photography Club held a ‘macro’ themed competition for the students and we picked the winner who best fitted the criteria. There have been several outside Photography competitions, which we have promoted by visiting year levels and putting up posters around the school- and many of the students who entered have won prizes. Students who are a part of the Photography Club were asked to take photos for school events like Swimming Sports, Athletics Day, and Carmel Day. These photos were used for the weekly Newsletter for the school and the Year Book.